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Welcome to BullCharge

Who we are

BullCharge is a boutique service company that supports e-mobility in Bulgaria and the Balkans.  We offer an innovative revenue-sharing programme for everyone interested in developing the ev-charging infrastructure. We are looking for partners, find out more.

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What we do

The BullCharge services are designed to address the needs of local governments, companies and individuals. We offer: 
- Plug & play solutions for charging at home or in the office; 
- Full professional service for new charging station owners who wish to set up their e-mobility business with no hassle and minimum risk;
- Professional & private lease services for home-based or heavy-use charging stations;
- Professional service for the ev-driver to locate and use public charging stations.

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Charging prices

AC/DC Charging station

Standard Charging
upto 0.90 bgn / kWh
0.50 bgn charge fee
*The price includes VAT

DC Charging station

Fast Charging
upto 0.90 bgn / kWh
0.50 bgn charge fee
*The price includes VAT
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