E-mobility solutions for a connected future.

BullCharge supports the transition to electric mobility in Bulgaria and the Balkans region offering reliable, affordable and sustainable e-mobility solutions.

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Public sector

BullCharge offers end-to-end e-mobility solutions for public sector organisations and bodies, supporting your sustainability efforts in delivering reliable,  cost-effective and scalable EV services for your residents and fleet vehicles

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BullCharge offers end-to-end e-mobility solutions for businesses. We deliver future-proof, cost-effective and reliable EV charging and e-mobility solutions to help you transition to the mobility of the future.

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EV Drivers

At BullCharge we champion the transition to sustainable mobility. We offer reliable, affordable and accessible electric vehicle solutions. Browse our convenient and cost-effective EV-chargers.

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Who we are

BullCharge is a boutique service company that supports e-mobility in Bulgaria and the Balkans.  We offer an innovative revenue-sharing programme for everyone interested in developing the ev-charging infrastructure. We are looking for partners, find out more.