We put Data at the heart of everything we do.
Data drives us forward.

Our approach

Data drives us forward.

At BullCharge we believe that the transition to an electric transport ecosystem is well underway. A new ecosystem is being built as we speak. One with different vehicles, different technologies, different means of using power to drive and use sustainable transport. What is also clear that this new transport networks will need more than energy to drive them. Data will enable mobility of the future which is data is at the heart of everything we do.

And this is what makes BullCharge different from the rest.

Our focus

Our technology proposition is aimed at a very specific part of the electric vehicle charge point market.Our focus is on providing convenient e-mobility solutions anywhere and whenever people need it be it at work, at home, staying overnight in a hotel, leisure parks, etc.

Our values


We are here to facilitate a healthier, brighter and sustainable future for families, businesses, communities and the planet.


Data is at the heart of everything we do.


Together we are stronger.

Our services


We find together with our customers best solution for ev-charging and e-mobility.

EV Charging products

We work together with multiple suppliers of high quality ev-chargers and can advice the best solultion for you.

Design & Implementation

We design, organise permits, install and maintain standalone public and private ev-charging solutions.

Operation & Support

We operate charging stations on your behalf and allow all ev-drivers to charge their vehicles.

Help Desk

We are 24/7 available for solving problems that might appear with charging stations or charging sessions.


Together with strategic partners we work on innovations to improve ev-solutions for our customers.

Our world-class team


Hans Houf



Marketing Director

Yoana Charliyska


Roumen Nikolov

Management Assistant

Nadya Tombashka