Solutions for public sector

BullCharge offers end-to-end e-mobility solutions for public sector organisations and bodies, supporting your sustainability efforts in delivering reliable,  cost-effective and scalable EV services for your residents and fleet vehicles.

Go green

- From partial to full co-investing we offer different partnership levels with various levels of profit share to support your investment in greener infrastructure.

- Achieve your sustainability goals - investing in green infrastructure can help improve local air quality and ensure a healthier environment for your residents and workers.

- Keep your residents, co-workers and communities happy - with the increasing demand for e-vehicles, residents are becoming more demanding for accessible and affordable ev-charging points and e-mobility services.

Why Bullcharge?


Our experts deliver a hassle-free solution - our team will offer their expertise through every stage of the project, from funding through to solutions design, installation and maintenance.

Funding options

Funding options for public bodies e-mobility solutions - we offer funding, leasing, financing and profit/revenue share options to make installing EV chargers and e-mobility solutions as convenient as possible. Our dedicated team will give reliable ROI and revenue generation analysis tailored to your organisation and find the most suitable funding options according to your needs.

Reporting & Billing

Easy customised reporting and billing - Our fees are simple and transparent (up to 0.90 BGN per kWh + 0.50 BGN charge fee). Our consolidated billing system allows for adjustable tariffs so you can easily manage access and usage and incentivise usage according to demand.


Our digital e-mobility services are based on EV-architecture 2.0 - a future-proof architecture for ev-charging infrastructures. We use ChargeBroker - a digital gateway, compliant with all ev-charging protocols.


Our back-end software secures dynamic load management, ensuring stability of the grid.
We offer 24/7 expert support to ensure the smooth operations of your network.

Future proof

Our architecture is built with the future needs in mind and flexible to changing technologies. This ensures scalable growth and collaboration with future smart services of the network. Our data-driven solutions ensure you are responsive to fluctuations in demand and ready for the changes  ahead.

CTEK 2 socket

Enelion Wallbox DUO

Enelion Vertica DUO 22KW